Shot Story 2 - Man in the storm

With the warm dampness setting on Tokyo, a cooler memory with this shot in the midst of a snow storm!

This year in Tokyo, we got the heaviest snow in forty-something years. And to make it even more exceptional, we got a second heavy snow a week later!

Anyway, when it started to snow, I was mildly excited at the prospect of some B&W shots, but when it reached a critical point, snow blowing hard and piling high, I got really crazy, like a child... and I went out, with my boots and my Fuji X100s.

The main issue was the wind, blowing hard and making it difficult to keep the camera dry. I had to shoot one-handed, holding an umbrella to protect the camera. So you get the idea: it was a nightmare to pay attention to the shots, the snow, the people, etc. at the same time.

I saw this shot and it got me by it's atmosphere: the snow was blurring everything, the light globes were glowing softly and the timing was perfect to get only one person walking at the right distance. Si I was very happy back home to confirm that the photo was OK. I lowered the exposure compensation a bit, as the street is in fact quite brightly lit at night, but the shutter speed remained both slow enough to make the snow only be a blurry veil and fast enough to keep the man sharp.

It was a very funny photo shoot and I'll definitely get out again next time we get such snow (in 40 years, maybe?).