Trip to Nikko - Day 1

We took a 3-day trip to Nikko, the world heritage region, a bit less than 200 km north of Tokyo. And of course I was extremely excited at the idea to spend 3 full days in this area, being able to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, temples, etc.

It did not start as well as expected though, with heavy rain on that first day, making it quite challenging to takes pictures (that's when one understand the rationale behind the weatherproof cameras and lenses...). We decided to still follow our prepared schedule, trying our luck and hoping for a pause in the storm.

We went all the way up from the Nikko station to the Yudaki falls, where the conditions where difficult (and where I managed to drop my CPL filter 4m below the observation deck...). Going further down the road, to the Senjogahara moor, we were lucky to have a slightly drier 10 minutes so I jumped off the car and up the road to take this shot. The perspective lines were interesting, so, why not...

Senjogahara moor (Fuji X100s, WCL 19mm, f16, ISO 200, 1/200s)

Further downhill, just after the Chuzenji lake, are the Kegon falls, very high and with an elevator to bring you down 100m at the foot of the falls. There was also a very welcome dry spot under the observation deck where I could set the tripod and take time shooting.

Kegon no Taki (Fuji X100s, TCL 33mm, f16, ISO 200, 0.8s)

Still, even in a dry spot, the drizzle and the wind kept coming to the lens and didn't help...

On the other side of the observation deck, a smaller waterfall was creating an interesting slide. The trees are growing almost perpendicular to the slope, so it gives a strange impression.

TCL 33mm, f16, 1/4s

We decided to go to the ryokan and enjoy the hot spring there, as the rain was getting even stronger. And we were right after all, as it didn't stop until the next morning!

The rest of the photos are in the Nikko gallery, but I will post the Day 2 and Day 3 adventures later!